Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Infamous Feline

This is Fred. She is my cat. Well, not my cat, my families cat. We got her from the Grove Farm School almost three years ago. Fred basically sleeps underneath my parents bed all day. So could be when she was born she lived in the basement of a house. It's dark and cool in a basement. Fred doesn't like being held.

Fred is a naughty cat. If she does not get what she wants, she'll let you know through stinky cat poop. One of her pastimes I would say is pooping on my parents bed. So my parents got a black plastic tarp to put on their bed. They don't sleep with the tarp on the bed...obviously. They put the tarp on the bed after they get up so Fred won't jump on the bed and show her feelings through...ah..."waste." Well...animal waste. You know, poop. Like not sanitary. Stinky. That sort of thing.

So the tarp stays and Fred won't poop. At least that's the way we hope it works out.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


On the Sunday my Mom brought clay home. She said it was for her Women's Group but brought extra for us. The night I was doing homework I had to color and when I sat the coloring box down behind my clay sculptures I thought it looked really cool. The clay in the front was originally going to be joy stick, like the one you use on video games. But, I saw a face in it, so I made it into a moon figure. The figure to the right, in the corner, is a dinosaur made for my Dad. The dinosaur's name is, well, dinosaur. In the left corner is, well was, well began as, a marshmallows. But then I gave him dreadlocks and a cool chin. Most of his dreadlocks broke. He is wearing a cap from Virgil's Root Beer which I was drinking that night. I think that the crayons in the photo are very vivid with thick rich colors. That's why I enjoyed this picture.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Phill and his Sharp-Shinned Hawk

This is Phill. And this is his stuffed animal so he called it that at least, kind of joking. It is actually a taxidermy. His "stuffed animal" is a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. The hawk is illegal to kill because it is listed as a species of concern.

Phill is our next door neighbor, he has two dogs, various amounts of cats and a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. He was working in his front yard today and we saw him so we said hi. He said hi too. I was telling him about Peacocks we saw today in Oak Glen. So, he told us about his hawk. He said he got the hawk in 1966, when he was about my age. He got it from an antique shop in Oak Glen for seven dollars. They told him the hawk was about 60 years old. So now the hawk is more than one hundred years old.

As he was walking out the door he told us of his grandfather who was a world class sprinter. And he said he had a scrap book. So maybe another day we can meet his grandfather through the scrap book and maybe it'll be in a different blog. 

Friday, February 13, 2009


This is Cooper. He is himself and nothing else. Most nights when I get in bed my dog Cooper is pushing my dirty clothes all around the floor making a bed for himself. Some nights a plastic bag will be mixed up in with my clothes and it sounds like he is crumpling the bag. 

These are some of Cooper's pastimes, he enjoys barking at passersby and cats, he also enjoys jumping against the back fence and barking at the dogs next door. This is most likely his favorite pastime, well actually hobby, well maybe profession.

Cooper is a good friend and I love him.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

This is for you Phil

This photo is formerly known by my Dad and I as "Simba ate Spiderman". But today I was at Stell Coffee and Tea (a local coffee shop) and Phil a friend of mine said "Noah I've been checking your blog nightly to see if there's a new blog, so you need to put a new one up." To this I! People actually do look at my blog. It was an exciting moment for me. The reason is I enjoy showing my photography. So, Phil...I hope you enjoy the photo.

This photo was spontaneous. We were getting out of the car at the store and my Dad was putting his camera away. And I saw this kid so I told my Dad, "Hold on let me see your camera." So I made this photo with my Dad's camera. This was about five months ago around Halloween time. This was when I decided, "Wow, I really want my own digital camera." I think the kid was confused. 

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

i love bees (and redheads)

For some reason I've always been drawn to bees. They make me excited. It feels like they want their picture taken. I think their color and movement is very pretty. It seems like they are somewhat like redheads. I would know, as I am one. But they, bees and redheads, can be calm and cool. But, if you mess with them a certain way, they blow a fuse and call on their fellow bees and redheads.

So maybe that's why I'm drawn to bees. Plus I think their cool. Bees, well, and redheads.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Day With Daddy

Today I spent the afternoon with my father. We decided to go downtown and take photos. My Dad and I went to State Street and Fox Coffee in downtown Redlands. We found many back alleyways that we thought were great candidates for photography. Actually we found the alleyways to be photogenic. I felt the three hours we spent together slipped through my fingers the same way that this picture somehow got into my camera. It was almost like I didn't even really take this picture. I looked at the photo on the back of my camera and went, "Wow, did I really take this!" I really liked the photo.

My Dad found this chair at the back of a restaurant in the alley. So, we had fun with it. This alley was very colorful, which I enjoyed.