Monday, July 20, 2009

photos and photoshop and iphoto ohmy (lions and tigers and bears ohmy)

Today i have been working on a portfolio. You ask why ,this is because i would like to share them with you. You ask what? Well i know i share them with you all here online but i want it to be more public. How do i do this? Well it all comes back to making the portfolio ,I would like to talk to Robbie Stell (the owner of Stell Coffee and tea) about me putting them up on the walls in Stell.I will be giving it my all for the next two hours to edit my photos and chose 6-10 photos to take and show Robbie.

OK so i like to call this photo "what are you looking at".And i guess that raps it up.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

lets just say Frog giging...

I'm sure your thinking "Frog giging what could he be talking about?" well what I'm talking about is a sport where you take some PVC pipe and stick a frog spear on the end of it.Next you would throw it at frogs in the middle of the night.
So yes this was fun but i did not catch any frogs.The first photo is in an old post office.The photo was taken while on a photo hunt with my dad.On the same day we found the "cowboy who was in love" (last photo).
Then theres Toma (who was name after a drum set) who was very paitiont while i photographed him.
Oh yes and we can forget the trip here.Eight hours of long dark pavement.But it looks cool!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Can we be your guest!

Yes, i know shocking...OK so I'm sure you all would like to know how this bear and my family meet. Well, we had just finish snacking(good thing too) and we were climbing back down and The bear was there...So this thing was a little bigger than me and had claws and teeth! I was only feet away from it and had completely climbed down with my dad. My mom was a safe distance away, but then theres Domenick with his back turned. He could not see at first what was happening, and at this time the bear was 5-10 feet from him. Oh, and by the time Dom had noticed it i had climbed 15-20 feet from were i had started in this story.Domenick was also hang on to a rock and could not touch the ground. Oh, i had also left my shoes down by where the bear was now...The interesting thing is this bear had not noticed Dom. Then it glances his way......and looks it gets within a 5 foot range trying to check out what he is doing. But the bear losers interest in seconds. But, MY SHOES!! The bears see them it sniffs them and then looks once more at us and leaves. I'm paralyzed after this...we collect are self's and hike down.

So the point of this trip was to hang out and chill, just family, so i guess we have a new family member......

Thursday, July 2, 2009

inspired by...

What inspires you... 

This was inspired by Stells, Coffee, People, Tea, and it was inspired by life.

So if you don't enjoy coffee please stop reading this blog...No I'm just kidding.Well Stells is my third home to say the least.They feed me and i feel comfortable there.This is where i went everyday after school and if i didn't go i want to be there.

What can i say about these photos...well Phil who we have met in the past.(if you have not met him, he is one of my photography mentors.)He told me to go behind the counter.This gave a better view for photography, so thank you Phil.

(Later posts may include photography from the 4Th of July!)