Tuesday, April 28, 2009

"I Feel lame"

Hey (to any one that still checks my blog),
im a slaker.... I wish i had keeped this blog up but, this is what happened.Well, i am lazy.Thats it. And i appreciate all of you that may or may not check it.

Ok now to this picture. Well this is Zack. He is a friend of mine and he works at Stell Coffee and Tea. By the way that is a local coffee shop that rocks (here is a link to there web site). But this was a very amusing sticker to me. It made me think who would put a baby in a cash regestered? So i said "i like the sticker....." He said" oh ya they had to put that on after i put a baby in it.....ya which brought up questions for the mother.." Mother "why did u put my baby in that regestered?" So he says"why would you try to pay for coffee with a baby?"

So this is why the sticker was placed on the side of the regestered.