Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Gnome!

So for the past few days The Fiske-Phillips and my family have been playing a little prank/game. I like to call it "find the gnome". This game is pretty simple ,but first you will need a few things:
1. Gnome
2. Friends (which i hope you have anyway)
3. imagenation!
Now your ready to begin! How you ask, well it's very simple just take that Gnome and hid him in an odd place, but a place that most people would look every day. Here are some places where he has been put around my house and the Fiske-Phillips home.
1. ice chest
2. fridge
3. a top the toilet (with the seat down)
4. in a (soon to be packed) suit case
5. in a bed
6. by a fish bowl
7. outside of a window....
So Im sure hope to post more of the Gnome soon.