Saturday, March 6, 2010

Grove skating!

Grove has weekly mini courses, every Wednesday! One mini course this year is skateboarding, well its really teaching Bill to skateboard. Bill is a teacher at Grove, who asked to be taught in the ways of standing on a wooden board with wheels.
These photos are from the first day of the mini course. We road are boards to downtown Redlands and purchased some skating equipment for Bill. This all was very fun!
A few weeks later at Brookside park where the mini course goes to teach bill, we brought along a surf/skate board. We had the genus idea to attach wheels and trucks of a long board(big skateboard), to a long board(the surf board type). Of course some one was going to get hurt, but that is yet to come.
We found that it worked great with two people on the board, so obviously this meant we need to add another person to the equation. So we did and we couldn't ride as fare with three people because we picked up to much speed. I decided that it was the person in the backs job to steer, and i wanted to try the steering. So i hopped on the back and about half way down the hill we began picking up a lot of speed. I was getting worried at this point seeing that we had speed wobbles. One of the wobbles knocked my foot off the edge of the board and then sucked my foot underneath it. My foot then became the break and also became broken.
I have had a cast for almost a week and a half and only have a few left!

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