Tuesday, March 2, 2010

awww, don't you love that new blog smell?

Today was the second day of winterums week! Winterums are a yearly thing we do at Grove, they are a week filled with one project that needs to be down. (At least that's what its like at the middle school portion of Grove!) My winterum is drama, i am the official photographer! This is cool, because i get to do nothing but photography!
The drama winterum had a field trip today. We went to the U of R, and learned about theater arts more so. We were given a tour of the costume room, lights room, theater, and the catwalk. The U of R has two theaters, one of which can hold over 300 people. We learned about how lighting works hand in hand with the play and sound. On the field trip we saw a light that could turn different colours, move, turn, and make the light look textured! After that we were allowed to walk the catwalk, which i had been dieing to do!
So that's what i did at school today!

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  1. Noahy, I really dig the catwalk photo! Keep shooting...keep posting...keep writing. They will all serve you well young Padawan!