Saturday, February 5, 2011

Photo safari with tony!

Today Tony and i packed up are stuff and headed out for a photo safari! We started our day at stell coffee and tea and then headed to the out skerts of town. We found a (high class) hobo camp or it could have been a bunch of peoples old junk that they dumped in this big open field, either way it was a photo score! There was all kinds of stuff like: old books, cameras, loads of broken TVs, clothes (which was weird), and a boat. So over all it was awesome! When we were done there we headed to downtown Redlands. When we got there we headed in to an antique store which was odd to say the least. I think it compares quite nicely to the hobo camp thing... And we ended this fine safari after 3 hours of photography with gormet pizza!
*[Stay tuned for side by side comparesons of are photo assingments for the day!]*

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  1. Love your work, how can I contact you about an upcoming show?